d'Azur Alaçatı

are we?

We, Ebru and Özgür Tolunay, the owners of the hotels and houses belonging to the “d’Azur Hotels” group, after working in corporate companies in Istanbul and Paris for years, we settled in Alaçatı to realize our dreams and opened our hotel.

The name of our hotel, which means Azur’s house, comes from the name of our son.

We, who are travelers at the same time, take inspiration from all the journeys we set on to not to leave a place in the world we didn’t travel, experiences we have, and people we meet. We are a big family with our cats, dog, friends and guests in our hotel which is full of flavors and furniture brought from far away…

d’Azur Alaçatı - Logo

Alaçatı, Çeşme, Izmir

"A room scent of white soap, a friendly welcome with lots of love and a delicious agean breakfast"

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